Despite the fact that most of these places are abandoned years ago, but nature has returned to take revenge .. See the mad crawling of nature in these Legendary pictures...

Tree grow up around old pianoin a garden - California

Trees roll into the heart of Hong Kong

Train station, abandoned long ago, replaced by this stunning flowers - in Paris

Tree gutted an old bicycle - Washington

Fishs grab a deserted mall - Bangkok

Abandoned factory in Sorrento - Italy

Old cars conquered by nature - Belgium

City "Meneng" abandoned where sands controlls everything , even houses - Nambia

Abandoned railway since the 160-year-old Paris

Old ship back to the year 102 in Sydney - Australia

Roots permeate the sidewalks like a struggle for survival

An abandoned mansion inhabited by trees - Ireland

Deserted train station - Abkhazia Jorja

The old cooling tower became covered with grass - Belgium

City fishermen abandoned in Kamchatka, Russia

Roots covers the features of the city of Angkor, Cambodia

An abandoned hotel room invaded by grass and trees

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