Something important has to be available to have before you travel and while traveling and after traveling claimed use in all your dealings.
The credit card (Visa or MasterCard or Visa prepaid)

Majority now are extracting card (Visa prepaid Visa or self-styled shopping ) of their banks to their terms easy and accessible for extraction.
Of course this card is linked to your account current by logging into your account (online) the location of the bank, turning to the amount of your norma account enough for you, or to the current visa.

::Identify countries or cities::

After selecting your destination and your route look for flight bookings and search for the best price.
Use skyscanner site or other sites looking to you for less than the price of aviation for the state to Tbhe
There is an application on smart devices, the easiest and quickest


1 Select the icon of coin prices higher Site.
2 Select the city of departure and arrival.
3 Select the dates and number of passengers and the type of ticket is always cheaper (economic)
4 After that it show you the search results and the less prices (focused in the above transit or stop) claimed they write you how much time and duration of the Stop and Stop the Direct non-stop flights.
Choose that suits for you.
5 enter the site and found the best price and look for the same dates and book your seat and pay through the (Visa or MasterCard or Visa giant pre-payment)
6 Print your reservation and the most important thing is you have a booking number


The site preferred by the majority: Booking


1 select your language. 2 select cities and dates and the number of people.3 search by price to looking for from the menu on the side (for example, from SR 250 to SR 450) per night, and so on .... 4 After showing the Search Results: (Leno is better to have the cancellation is free and pay later, and focused on site and location of the hotel within the city and use Google Maps to see the place or spaces) And supplemented measures booking hotel fills the data and the introduction of the Visa card number, of course, if you choose to pay later try pulling something from Visa Booking only be claimed on the amount and payment there if reached Print Reservation claimed connects you email

::Transportation and travel routes::

1 car rental:

go to Garmin before you travel (and personally I would prefer this to) prices are less
From sites like "Sixt" or "Europcar" or "Budget" or other sites known car rental
Locate the receipt of the vehicle and the type of car insurance category .... etc.

2 buses and trains:

Try searching with google for paths and lines of transportation in the state heading for her to see access to tourist zones.

Finished from flight booking + hotels + Transport

The rest for you is looking at your conveniences in Google for tourist sites, nature and shopping in every city you want to visit.

Get a pen and apaper or notes in the Open Mobile:
1 record the names of all the tourist sites in the city.
2 record of its places and if you find co-ordinates recorded with excellent.
3 systems schedule and type the number of days and record every day and the places you want to visit.


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