Priority Pass - passport access to airport lounges for frequent flyers and when it becomes airports place is to visit on a regular basis may be thinking about getting a card Prayoorta bass Priority Pass is feasible, providing card authorization to enter the lounges regardless of their class of travel, even if a tourist and that in more than 600 airport in more than 200 countries and annual cost is estimated at $ 99 membership fee and $ 27 dollars for each visit, it is suitable for owners travel limited and pay $ 100 riyals for each visit and they deserve trips Turanzat tired and that continues to sit where the airport for several hours. Can See more in the company's website, which is displayed in 12 languages ​​and Arabic language, unfortunately, is not on the list.

The private lounge at the airport in Bahrain - image source bahrainairport
bahrain airport lounge priority pass

Notes about the card

  • Breaks airports are operated by airlines or private companies are not operated company Alprayoorta bass Priority Pass for that service quality at breathers differ greatly from the break for another break.
  • Most, not all credit cards with platinum Gulf banks generally offer the card free of charge and also for the American Express Platinum category began offering it in the recent period.
  • You can invite anyone to enter with you versus $ 27 must be worn always and can not access the card without highlighting the entry fee will be dependent children, which is not Free.
  • Card covers the most important international destinations in the world and cover the most international airports in the Middle East, including Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Kuwait, Bahrain.
Heathrow Airport


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